About Destination Connections


Founding Partner

Roben Harris

Making connections and helping others connect is Roben's passion!  She's a mom to six kids, 13 to 21 years old and a wife of 24 years. While working at the local Children's Hospital, she discovered her passion of sharing stories and providing healthcare professionals with tools for utilizing Patient & Family-Centered Care to connect with their parents & families and improve quality and safety outcomes. Whether public speaking, writing or podcasting, she desires to help others further their personal and professional connections using these same tools!


Podcast Partner

Kelsey Settle

Kelsey is the definition of a people-person. As a self-proclaimed extrovert, she constantly surrounds herself with co-workers, friends and family. Working in experiential marketing for the past five years has permitted Kelsey to apply her love for starting, strengthening and sustaining connections in a professional setting. Seeing the success of utilizing connection tools personally and professionally, she is eager to share with others who possess the same desire for connection!  

Our Mission:

To satisfy the innate desire we all have to connect with others.


The Vision:

A community that is equipped and energized to connect with one another. 


We Value:

  • Celebrating each individual’s inherent worth

  • Embracing our unique personalities - the good, the bad and the ugly

  • Focusing on gratitude for our community member's time, support and resources

  • Confronting our unconscious bias

  • Upholding a standard of excellence through continued learning, dedication and hard work

  • Sharing diversity of thought, belief and experience

  • Prioritizing mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health 

  • Honoring God in our speech and actions

  • Talking the talk and walking the walk